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I had a graduation party at the Doubletree Hotel in Austin, TX, where we spent well over $1000.00 (not including the 4 rooms my family booked there at a rate of $109.00).

When booking the ballroom, we were asked for a credit card to leave on file which fine and pretty customary for an event of that sort. But when we checked out paid the balance with a money order that was for $1500.00 and was told that we had zero balance.

Well this was in May. Well on June 24th, after moving to a new job and new state, I went to Taco Bell to get food and my card was denied. After contacting my credit union, it was determined that the Doubletree Hotel had been deducting small amounts from my card like $15 and $19.

The Doubletree did not notify me that they would be deducting amounts from my amount or that I had any pending charges that had been determined a month after my event.

No one from Doubletree will even return my calls. I am so pissed because I need my money. I am recent college grad, in a new state that is 17 hrs from home. I can't use my debit card because the credit union destroyed the number, therefore my mom has to overnight me money when I need it which is making life so much harder.

Never again will I stay at the Doubletree and I do not recommend that you do either.

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Harrington, Delaware, United States #163213

Hi Wh1tnay,

I discussed your comments with our accounting department and have an update for you. I wanted to assure you that there has been no identity theft at the Doubletree Austin.

It appears that you do have a remaining balance due on the guestrooms portion of your event. Our accounting department has tried to contact you several times. Please contact me at 512-374-4841 or to verify your contact information.

I apologize for any confusion or frustration you have experienced. Thank you for holding your event at the Doubletree Hotel Austin!


Hi Wh1tnay,

I'm so sorry to hear about your experience. Please contact me directly at 512-374-4841 to discuss your credit card issue and I will assist you in getting to the bottom of it as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Kimberly Johnson

Director of Revenue Management

Doubletree Hotel Austin

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